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Get organised

EYK lets you can locate your data, which makes it browsable, improves discoverability and gives you the complete overview.

Setup locations

Locations can be sensors, wells or an entire buildings with sub-locations. A location is somewhere you measure and EYK hosts all your information of it.

Arrange data into datasets

Datasets contain your data and control its access. The contents are registered to a location by a link, or if the data itself is located, such as seismic events, it is linked by geographical proximity.

Easily find what you're looking for

With your data organised and located, searching is easy. You can search by dataset, location, parameters, a combination of each or just a word in a note somewhere, EYK will find it.

You need overview to perform

Easy teamwork
Cooperating in EYK is simple and inviting teammates is easy, even if they're from another company
Low barrier to entry
Onboarding is quick and painless, new personnel can get to know your infrastructure and get working. Quickly
Quicker insights
Anyone from management to production can setup their own dashboards and get insights. Quickly

Manage diverse types of data

Time series
Well tests
Seismic events

Invite your teammates

Each user can be a part of many teams. Team owners and admins invite users by email and define their access levels on a per dataset level

Users only see data from the teams they've joined

Access is controlled per dataset

"A 360 degree view of all my data"

"EYK lets us cooperate, analyse and interpret data faster than before. The UI is so simple that onboarding new personnel is a breeze and mistakes in data entry are at a historical low.”

Bjarki Ásbjarnarson, Founder & CEO, Hugfimi


Integration framework
With EYK´s integration framework you can ingest data from anywhere. Push or pull, EYK keeps the latest data coming your way.
Define a data series to watch, set the expectancy range and get notified of unexpected data.
Create calculated data series with ease. Calculations are automatic so your series are updated as soon as new data arrives.
Version control
Make changes without worry. EYK tracks changes made by whom at what hour. You can even comment on your changes to provide context.

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