Industrial data management

Get the complete overview of your production lines. View production data, relate it to quality check results and get a bird's-eye view of your processes.

Add your factories

Data is organised by datasets and locations.
To get started you add your factory locations.

Give them a geological location

Locations simplify data access and give you a birds eye view of your stores. EYK also uses geological locations to organise data with implicit locations such as images.

Locations can also be hierarchical

You can upload base maps or schematics of your stores and locate all the internal places of measurement within the schematic. Any data added to these will also be displayed when viewing the parent store

Define your datasets

Data is organised into datasets where uniqueness, access and connections are controlled

Production volume

View the production throughput for each component in your production lines. Use EYK's calculation framework to integrate throughput and get total volume and share with investors or key stakeholders.

Quality checks

Do regular quality checks and upload them to EYK, either manually or automatically. Monitor the results and compare with related data.

Get data from anywhere

It doesn't matter where or how it's stored.
If you can view it, EYK's automatic integrations can ingest it

Dashboards and views

Get quick insights into your data with customised dashboards and views.

You need overview to perform

Easy teamwork
Cooperating in EYK is simple and inviting teammates is easy, even if they're from another company
Low barrier to entry
Onboarding is quick and painless, new personnel can get to know your infrastructure and get working. Quickly
Quicker insights
Anyone from management to production can setup their own dashboards and get insights. Quickly

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