Geothermal energy data management

Combine all data related to your facilities into one platform where you control the show

Add your facilities

To organise your production data you start by adding your wells, power plants, pipelines and other facilities which generate data.

Give them a geological location

Locations simplify data access and give you a birds eye view of your facilities. EYK also uses geological locations to organise data with implicit locations such as images or seismic events.

Locations can also be hierarchical

You can upload base maps or schematics of your facilities and locate all the internal places of measurement within the schematic. Any data added to these will also be displayed when viewing the parent facility

Define your datasets

Data is organised into datasets where uniqueness, access and connections are controlled

Well tests

Plot pressure or temperature profiles for your wells. Convert depth measurements to meters above sea level with well profiles or offset by wellhead height

Pressure and flow

EYK can ingest data from your sensors automatically or you can upload it manually. Calculations can be used to integrate flow to get total production while monitors can be used to watch for anomalies

Chemical samples

Define your parameters, setup sample templates and import the samples. EYK keeps track of any changes made.

Tracer samples

Register location, date and quantity of injected tracer material. EYK will interpret your samples and give you overview of where the tracers show up first.


Import your images and use their geographical location to determine which facility they pertain to.

Re-injection & Seismicity

Monitor seismic events and relate them to your re-injection levels. Define the geographical areas to monitor and get a dashboard view specific to each.

Dashboards and views

Get quick insights into your data with customised dashboards and views.

You need overview to perform

Easy teamwork
Cooperating in EYK is simple and inviting teammates is easy, even if they're from another company
Low barrier to entry
Onboarding is quick and painless, new personnel can get to know your infrastructure and get working. Quickly
Quicker insights
Anyone from management to production can setup their own dashboards and get insights. Quickly

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