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Monitoring is for anything and anyone

EYK lets you create your own personalised monitors for any data series. You can even monitor calculated data series.

1. Select data series

Finding the series to monitor is simple. EYK allows you to filter and search for the series of interest so you're sure you're doing the right thing

2. Define expected range

Upper and lower boundaries allow you to define the expected range of measurement for the data series. Optionally get an email when the series crosses boundaries

3. Get notified

EYK notifies you only when series cross boundaries to keep your inbox clear of unnecessary notifications.

You need overview to perform

Easy teamwork
Cooperating in EYK is simple and inviting teammates is easy, even if they're from another company
Low barrier to entry
Onboarding is quick and painless, new personnel can get to know your infrastructure and get working. Quickly
Quicker insights
Anyone from management to production can setup their own dashboards and get insights. Quickly

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